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Alplus Sheaths (Zero Semen Wastage)

BKP’s continuous and rigrous efforts to provide best products in the field of Artificial Insemination in cattle has always resulted in various innovations for the last 35 years. R & D Department of BKP with constant feedback from A | Technicians in field recognized the importance of Zero defect and all plus advantageous Sheaths for sure results in A.I.

As a result of findings an improved technology product, BKP has recently developed a new type of A.I. Sheaths” Alplus Sheaths” which has all plus features compared with traditional sheaths.

Salient features of Alplus Sheaths.

  • Specially designed tip ensures full quantity semen in straws injected due to zero back flow.
  • Crystal clear transparency of sheaths ensures easy visual checking of straws before insemination.
  • Miniature size hole in the tip prevents risk of insertion of foreign material and avoid contamination while insemination.
  • Due to smartlip and tip matching a smooth insertion takes place.
  • Improvementin strength of sheaths provides easy insertion into cervix.
  • Zero field wastage due to full automation and camera inspected production.
  • Alplus Sheath fits smoothly on every type of A.I.Applicator.

Alplus sheaths developed by BKP has all Plus advantages and Zero defects which are supplied single packed by fully automatic machine without human touch.

Sheaths Capacity Type Code Pack of 1000 pcs
Universal 0.5 & 0.25ml straws Split ALP B3A-SPS 50 pcs x 20
Universal 0.5 & 0.25ml straws Unsplit ALP B3B-SPS 50 pcs x 20