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Universal InseminationApplicator

Universal Insemination Applicator for Bovine with self locking & ejecting device

A.l. Applicator an important equipment used for Artificial Insemination in bovine are available in varieties & various quality. It is long time now that Animal husbandry Department all over in India, accepted the national policy of a uniform system of A.|. with 0.25 ml Mini method of equipment. However still there are Organizations /A.I. Centers who are working on medium 0.5 ml straws, though they are slowly changing to Mini 0.25 ml system.

We, Bal Krishan Plasikrafts, after lot of Research & Development, developed a unique type of A.I. Applicator, which can be used for Medium & Mini Straws. This A.I. Applicator have numerous advantages compared to any other type & make of A.I. Applicator available in the market/in use. Given below some of the special features of BKP Universal self locking A.I. Applicator with ejecting device.

  • Any type of A.l. Sheaths (Medium, Mini & Universal), split or unsplit can be used.
  • Self-locking of sheath by merely pushing it into the Applicator.
  • Sheath can easily be released by pressing release lever.
  • Plunger locking device avoid falling of plunger during handling.
  • Three stainless steel tubes reinforced body give more strength to A.I. Applicator.
  • Sealing ring is not used, therefore no worry of misplacing it.

We have, since the introduction of these A.I. Applicator in India sold large quantity to our esteemed clients Worldwide.