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Single packed artifical insemination Sheaths in Pouch with slit at rear end

Since the introduction of Artificial Insemination with Frozen semen Technology in cattle, there have been tremendous changes of variety of equipment used. Lot of new developments have taken place as also the method & style has changed for the best benefit in the field.

We, Bal Krishan Plasikrafts, for the last two decades introduced various new/modified products in the field of A.I. and our all clients have appreciated and have supported in our efforts.

Recently, in India, Animal Husbandry Department have introduced Door-toDoor Artificial Insemination in cattle with a view to achieve maximum coverage/benefits & get full effectiveness in cattle breeding programme. However, due to various reasons, especially the availability of A.l. Sheaths in old type packing may not get the desired result. One of the major cause in the packing of A.I. Sheaths of 50 per packet, which once opened exposes to the atmospheric conditions thereby contaminating the remaining sheaths. Therefore unable to achieve expected conception rate even though all other parameters are intact.

We, BKP, after assessing the requirement of the present time have developed a new packing system for A.I. sheaths. We, in technical tie-up with a worldrenowned packing machine manufacturer, installed an Automatic Computerized Single Packing Machine at our Works in Delhi. We can pack large quantity of A.I. sheaths individually without human touch.


  • PPacking by automatic machine so no chance of human error.
  • Human hands are not involved so no contamination.
  • Packing is done in clear Room atmosphere so sheaths are of very hygienic.
  • Packing at rear end can tear off easily for loading the sheaths into A.I. Gun without touching the sheaths.
  • Due to automation, huge quality of sheaths can be single packed & made available for supply.
  • Transportation of sheaths is very safe.
  • Ideal packing for Door-to-Door Insemination.
  • Factory sterilization effect lasts till the end-use.

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