US3* Straws (Unique Semen Storage Straws)

Bal Krishan Plasikrafts is one of the leading producer of insemination equipments in India and now has reached on the top by producing high standard equipments with high technologies and new inventions.

Keeping in view the importance of quality semen production by renowned semen production stations which is being pirated there by all the efforts to supply good quality semen for animal go in vain due to duplicity.

Till date semen storage straws are produced with different colors, printing and latest bar coding to identify different breeds and semen production stations etc.

Colors, printing and bar coding etc are easily copied and there by a replica of semen straws of renowned institute, are produced and sold by some people. Farmers are cheated by these practices and on finding bad results they loose trust and confidence on the system. Cattle breeding program is being defeated by these practices.

After our continuous innumerable efforts , R & D and specialization in production of A.I. Equipment (straws, sheaths etc..) . Now we have recently innovated a UNIQUE SEMEN STORAGE STRAW-US3 which helps identify semen production station.

Therefore no color, no special marking, no Printing but still our new innovative Unique Semen Straws gives clear identification of the dedicated production institute.

Our new straw US3 eliminates the possibility of duplicating semen straws in the name of renowned institutes. That will help the cattle breeding industry to get rid of piracy and duplicity merely by identifying the production institute.

Also keeping in view the importance of valuable genetics, this new generation unique semen storage straw is low absorption type, which saves 3% to 4% of straws as compared to normal straws. Technique used for semen saving is 100% safe.

Bal Krishan Plasikrafts straws are 100% EO sterilized and they give best conception results due to being sterilized.

* Manufactured and supplied against specific agreement with customer